Brent Messer


Efficiency ExpertBreaking barriers

  • Innovator & Futurist

    Recognized as one of the most successful government innovators in the world and one of the most influential CIOs in North America. Always looking to displace and solve problems that have yet to be thought of and disrupt the status quo..

  • Former CIO

    As CIO of the City of Chattanooga, Brent helped create one of the smartest most innovative cities in North America. Known as "Gig-City" for its 25 Gigabit municipally owned fiber optic network.

  • Best Selling Author

Executive Counselor

Counseling, advising, and mentoring CIOs and their staff to create the best IT groups and be the best they can be.

Research Group

Research, diagnostics, & workshops to systematically improve your IT department.
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Broadband, Smart Cities, IoT, and Agile Expert

All things related to innovation in the public sector.

Brent speaks internationally on these topics and more.
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