The Fab Shop

While Brent professionally lives in the world of IT, innovation, agile, smart cities, and digital transformation. In his personal time, he enjoys working with metal, specifically on cars. The average person will own about eight to ten cars in their entire lifetime. Brent has already owned more than 70 cars and 50 of those before he was 40 years old. And he's still counting. Brent puts his professional welding and engineering skills to use in restoring or creating one-off bespoke vehicles, metal art, and other such projects in his basement turned custom fabrication shop.

Here are the current projects completed or waiting to go into his shop for completion. You can view more about the shop at

2002 Toyota 4Runner
(Project Chimera)

This started out as a 2002 Toyota 4Runner. It has been transformed into a "Truggy." Read about the entire build.


1958 VW Type 1

I LOVE VWs! I've owned a dozen or more in my time. This is probably destine for some custom project. The body is in great shape, but it needs some work.

1963 VW Type 1

Another beautiful Specimen of a VW. Picked this up for a song and dance. All original numbers matching. Pan is fully restored, just needs some love and final assembly.

1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

All original Dart Swinger (2 Door Hard Top) Essentially the competition to a 72 Nova. Slant 6 engine. Runs and drives great. Very little rust. MINT!
1972 Dodge Dart

1986 Jeep CJ-7

This is the second CJ-7 I've owned. I missed the one I drove in college, so I found another one. Traded another vehicle as an even swap. Plans for this is to take all of the running gear out of the 4Runner and build this up as a street capable rock-crawler.

1967 Ford F-250

An absolutely beautiful patina on this truck.
1967 Ford F-250

1985 GMC Crew Cab

This beautiful vehicle will find itself restored and mounted on a 2008 4x4 Ford F-450 chassis with a Cummins 6BT

1968 Ford LTD

A floating driving couch! Like a dream!
1967 Ford F-250